The Hotel

Lagoon Cabanas Panama Arugambay

Malima Lagoon Cabanas is a resort located away from the beaten track within a plush enclave of cabanas set in the town of Panama, Arugam Bay.
What sets it apart from the many “me too” hotels in the area is the marvelous concept which encapsulate the best of what nature has to offer,

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Lagoon Cabanas Panama Arugambay - Restaurant

Our resort is complete with wonderfully spacious accommodation choices that are anticipated by any discerning tourist.The architecture is revolved around the topography across the geographical limitations of this Lagoon Resort.Our cabanas will definitely inspire you with their beautiful placement featuring a fine angle views of the Lagoon

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Lagoon Cabanas Panama Arugambay - Surfing

Arugam Bay, located on the east side of Sri Lanka is the most sought after destination in Sri Lanka for surfing. Arugam Bay was active even during the long forgotten civil war and is the place to be for ardent surfers who patronize it from around the world. Today, it is simply a sub- culture that is revolved around surfing,and respected with aplomb by amateurs

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